Be a cut above with the PRODEM Forestry Tree Shear

The forestry sector has changed, and the only way to remain competitive is to use the best specialist tools on the market. In answer to this PRODEM Attachments has launched the newest addition to their hydraulic attachment line-up – the PTS Forestry Tree Shear – which makes felling trees and maintaining overgrown shrubs efficient and the safest it’s ever been.

The PTS Forestry Tree Shear addresses safety as a primary concern. The accumulator arms grasp the tree or shrub securely so that it can be felled and then safely stacked or processed. It also features a serrated fixed jaw which keeps the trunk stable whilst the hydraulically driven cutting jaw (with replaceable blades) cuts the tree to the desired height. In addition, the raised mounting position boosts stability while the attachment is rotating. The optional rotation also boosts manoeuvrability and therefore productivity sky rockets.

The design also means that felling is possible even in difficult to access areas such as rail sidings, orchards, riverbanks or steep slopes, thereby increasing productivity. And the low positioned, hydraulically driven, cutting jaw allows more regular and consistent cutting.

Manufactured in Europe, and entirely in HARDOX, the PRODEM PTS Forestry Tree Shear offers forestry and construction contractors the ability to shear trees with a trunk diameter of 150mm to 500mm, with a cutting force of up to 51t. The eleven models (six with optional rotation) available fit machines between 4.5t and 35t.

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