PRODEM Proquick features in Professional Demolition International

Professional Demolition International magazine featured the PRODEM quick hitch, Proquick, in their special feature on excavator attachments.

PRODEM Proquick quick hitch in action

BPH adds Proquick couplers to its range 

BPH Attachments is an established supplier of work tools throughout the UK and Ireland, being the sole importer of Prodem demolition attachments. One of the latest additions to the Prodem range is the innovative Proquick hydraulic quick coupler, which allows operators to change attachments within just 15s from the safety of the cab, and is able to pick up any standard bucket or attachment without any adaptations. The oil flow in the connecting elements of the system is optimised in the flow channel, achieving 830l, which means the device is suitable for excavators up to 240t in size. Designed with safety in mind, the quick hitch features a double locking system, which mechanically locks both the front and rear pins, preventing the accidental release of the attachment. A fully automatic protective cover on the carrier and on the attachment ensure better protection against dirt, with the covers only being open when the attachment and quick coupler combine.

Other products in the Prodem range include hydraulic hammers, static and rotating pulverisers, selector grabs, shears, multiprocessors and clamshell grabs.

Text taken from PDi Issue 4. Click here to read the full publication.